Before we get started on building your spectacular new website, it’s important that we first figure out what you’re trying to achieve. During the discovery phase, we’ll work with you to flesh out your vision for the website, determine what business goals you want it to achieve, discuss ecommerce strategies if applicable, and look to industry competitors to see how your expectations compare to their current performance. We’ll also help you analyze your current or intended customers, and, using the trends and information we find, collaborate with you to develop specific buyer personas.

Once we’ve nailed down the concepts and goals behind the website, then we’ll get into more specific details like logo, website aesthetic, and any essential functionalities you’ll need. After we’ve laid out a clear blueprint for the design of your website, we’ll make a clear distinction between what content and information we’ll be providing, and what you’ll need to provide for us.

Design & Development

During the second phase of development, we’ll tighten up the visual design elements of your website. To help expedite that process, we’ll use any brand assets you’ve already created, and look to any existing websites that you’d like to emulate for inspiration. Using the WordPress design platform, we’ll then tie all the work we’ve done into a navigation structure that will be functional and intuitive for your visitors. This not only ensures that users have a positive, productive experience when they visit your website, but serves to optimize your website for search engine results. We’ll also add any extra plugins you need to make your WordPress website meet all your functionality requirements (think custom forms, landing pages, SlideShares, and so on).

As an added bonus, all HW websites are responsive, which means your website will adapt to whatever device your visitors are using. Mobile traffic comprises about 40% of online traffic, so having a responsive website design is critical for giving mobile users a pleasant experience when they visit your website on their phones or tablets.


The final phase of our web design process is all about delivering a polished, functional product to our clients, and giving them the tools to update and maintain it as they need to. We’ll perform extensive quality assurance testing to make sure everything is in working order, and run the final design by you to give you an opportunity to request any last minute adjustments or revisions you’d like for us to make.

All your website’s pages will be assigned effective keywords, meta descriptions, page titles―in other words, fully optimized for search engines. We’ll then add a Google Analytics tracking code to your website, and manually submit your website to the indices of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This final step will give you the tools to monitor all your website’s incoming traffic, and will help you to make informed decisions for your sales and marketing strategies as your business grows. Sound overwhelming? Don’t fret! We’ll also provide you with a comprehensive user guide detailing exactly how to manage your website once it’s in your hands.

Website Packages

Our strategic website design is built from the ground up to bring new leads to your site, then convert them into leads by delighting them by answering their questions and giving them exactly what they’re looking for. By looking after and maintaining your website, we’ll ensure that your customers can always come back for more. Ready to supercharge your marketing with HW?