At HW, our marketers excel at creating content your leads will love. Our video production team is the best around, and can give your company the edge it needs by creating videos that engage the audience. By showing them exactly how your products and firm works, they’ll have both a better understanding of what you offer and a closer relationship with you. Our video production team can cover all the necessary bases of video creation, from script writing, to set and sound production, to acting and directing. In the end, you’ll have a video that your audience will love, and that you’ll love for it.

How Does Video Fit With Inbound Marketing?

Video is more engaging than any other type of content. People are more inclined to dedicate time to watching a short, engaging video than they are with reading an article. So, what does this mean? If you incorporate engaging, quality videos into your inbound strategy you're chances of being noticed and standing out from the crowd are greatly increased.

Visual storytelling with a video is an effective way to promote your brand, especially if you have a product or service that may be difficult to illustrate or explain to potential customers. Videos increase your brand awareness, with users retaining more information regarding your brand even if the videos' content doesn't relate directly to your services. Videos increase the understanding of your brand in a way that promotes what you're really all about. In fact, approximately 75% of users will visit your website after viewing a video. 

Video also helps boost your SEO, especially if you upload it to YouTube. Whether or not you think about it, YouTube is an incredibly powerful search engine and video results from YouTube usually appear at the top of the search results when visitors search for the keywords that you have identified as key to your marketing strategy.