Content is a huge aspect of the Inbound Marketing philosophy, and HW excels in creating insightful, engaging content that attracts new qualified leads and begins their path towards purchase.

While great content creation is no easy feat, the overarching concept behind our content creation is simple: give them what they want. No matter what product a company provides, it ultimately exists to solve a problem or fulfill a need that the customer has. By creating content specifically aimed toward answering potential customers’ questions and addressing their pain points, we can put their fears to rest and give them the confidence to buy your product. Even better, constant content creation helps establish you as a thought leader in the industry, meaning that clients will feel confident in coming to you first when looking for solutions.

Before any content is created, we first identify what types of people make up your perfect customer base and use them to create Buyer Personas. We ask what types of questions your Buyer Personas are asking and what channels they use to find results, then create content that answers those questions using the same wording that a prospective buyer would using, giving your content the best chance of topping search engine results pages.

In a typical campaign, 12 industry-related blogs will be created, with one published per week. Each blog will direct the reader toward an extensive ebook that can answer even more questions a potential client might have, and each ebook ends with a call to action that brings the reader towards a landing page. Every step provides value to the potential customer, growing their trust in your brand as well as their likelihood to ultimately make a purchase.

Our content creation methodology allows us to specifically target the types of people who are already in the market and looking to make a purchase and ignore those who aren’t. It’s a customer-centric, cost-effective model that works.

Your perfect customers are out there; our content brings them to you.