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Top Five HubSpot Product Announcements Made at INBOUND 17

[fa icon="calendar'] September 26, 2017 / by Eric Daniel

It's an exciting time at HW and in the Inbound Marketing world right now. INBOUND 2017, the largest Inbound Marketing conference in the world kicked off yesterday, and there are dozens of new HubSpot product updates that have been announced that we can't wait to tell you about.

We've spent a great deal of time with these new tools over the past few months before their official release, and the HW Team picked the top 5 that we're most excited about.

Preparing for the Future with Pillar Content

As technology evolves, so does how we use it. Search engines are no exception. Gone are the days when tagging content with a list of keywords could effortlessly increase SEO traffic to clients’ websites. Different querying habits multiply the number of relevant search terms. Trying to hit them all produces artificial marketing that fails to deliver results.

Enter Content Pillars, a strategy that relies on idea clusters rather than isolated keywords to maximize visibility and engage users. By anchoring topics to a general theme, pillars associate content organically. Key to the success of this method are offering premium, ungated materials and reverse engineering to create natural conversion paths.

Quality breeds interest. The more authoritative your articles and blogposts, the more visitors will look to your work as a resource. Carefully modeling content around questions prospective leads ask about your pillar theme ensures your information is useful and self-contained. Companies following this innovative approach are already seeing spikes in activity from customers – a sign that this new formula is working in today’s search engines and satisfying the expectations of the people using them.

To create your own pillar content articles, check out our helpful checklist to get you started.        

Finding Out Which Leads Come From Your Marketing:
Campaign Reporting

We know our inbound campaigns work. But unless we can show return on investment, we lose business. And linking results to a campaign presents challenges a few slides on website traffic, lead generation, and revenue growth can’t meet.

Worse, the more we do in a campaign – on websites, social media, email newsletters - the harder it is to organize our metrics. Clients want an accessible narrative with concrete associations and clear bottom lines. To satisfy them, we need a user-friendly dashboard of metrics tying contact influence to increased revenue.

We’ve been sharing this feedback, and HubSpot’s been listening. The new Campaign Reporting application makes it easy to track what leads develop as a result of your marketing efforts. Simply associate your creative content with a HubSpot campaign and tap into the power of on-the-fly analytics to get credit for driving business your clients’ way.

This program integrates all linked content across channels, eliminating data overload. Best of all, this feature doesn’t require paid add-ons, works with other CRM programs, and comes with ability to create the more detailed reports we’ve run in the past.             

Your Newest Lead-Capturing Tool: Facebook Lead Ads

Social media continues to offer exciting ways to reach larger audiences. Our prospective customers already use these platforms throughout the day. Their preferences become predictable, making them ideal audiences for targeted advertisement. They’re receptive to the new interactions these media enable – especially those that draw on visual content and direct messaging.

At the same time, the rapidly-changing terrain of these channels can make it hard for marketers to capitalize on these opportunities. Facebook and Instagram periodically revise their algorithms, leaving us scrambling to keep up.

Optimizing content for mobile devices can raise technical challenges. And producing video consumes time, effort, and resources. Given the investments required, it isn’t surprising that inbound marketing strategy has failed to keep pace with user trends.

HubSpot Social and Ads tools seek to change that. They’re focused on mobile, which is behind most of the growth in engagement and in revenue. Better integration with dominant platforms like Facebook and Instagram as well as emerging networks means greater visibility for your marketing. Coming updates will make it easier than ever to create strong video content and make fuller use of messenger technologies.

If there’s any unchanging truth about the world of social marketing, it’s that it will continue to change rapidly. These tools represent HubSpot’s commitment to adapting its playbook to the latest developments on these channels.

Introducing Sales Professional

HubSpot’s premium suite for small businesses, Sales Professional, features some upgrades and new applications. Now you’ll be able to manage workflows by taking advantage of improved reporting and lead scoring. Smart notifications will prioritize leads by demonstrated interest, not just recent activity. A new object, Products, will associate transactions with the items sold, facilitating product-specific reporting.

A number of updates to this package will interest returning subscribers. Sales Pro users will now get 2000 minutes of monthly calling. They’ll also have access to the SFDC Connector for integration of Sales Hub with Salesforce. A few familiar capabilities – Required Fields, Multiple Deal Pipelines, Teams, and Advanced Views - will become exclusive to Sales Pro.

Until November 1, when the new version goes live, Sales Pro subscriptions are available at a discounted price, so it might be time to start seeing what these upgrades can do for your business.

For further information about how HubSpot Sales Professional differs from its free counterpart, check out HubSpot's Quick Answers page on the topic.

HubSpot Success and HubSpot Conversations

Understanding your customers is both more important and more challenging than ever. They’re savvy, and better informed than ever. You have different teams that interact with them in different ways. How can you get to know your customers well enough to meet their rising expectations? How can you manage your firm’s contact with these clients more effectively?

HubSpot Conversations and HubSpot Success help organize all customer interactions in a single place for better service. Developed especially for client-facing and customer success teams, respectively, these new technologies allow you to leverage your insight for better service. We’ll take a closer look at these new launches in another post.

So what does this all mean? With the implementation of new technology and groundbreaking shifts in the way we create and organize content, the future of content marketing looks very promising moving into 2018 and beyond. 

If you want to start reacting to these changes and updating your marketing to fit the way users search for it, check out our complete guide on Pillar Content and what it means for the future of marketing. When you're ready to create pillar content for your own site, use our helpful checklist to guide you.

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Eric Daniel

Written by Eric Daniel