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Social Media Week in Review 4/1/16

[fa icon="calendar'] April 1, 2016 / by Tyler Shiovitz

Each week we go through the biggest updates in social media. This week, we feature an announcement from Tumblr, an update from Snapchat, and a new photo sharing app called SurprzMe. As always we love to exhibit our Featured Video of the Week!

Tumblr Announces Return of Replies

Although Tumblr removed their feature of replies months ago, the online platform has once again brought it back to users. Now the feature has been improved allowing users to reply to posts multiple times and even reply to their own posts. Additionally, users can see all of a post’s replies in a single place, and chat about content even as it travels from Tumblr to Tumblr. Finally, users can customize who can and can’t reply to them within their blog settings.


Snapchat Launches Chat 2.0

Snapchat has launched Chat 2.0, with the idea of making chat the best way to communicate with your friends. This fresh new update allows users to switch between text, voice and video chatting during a single conversation, and allows users to simply listen or watch if they’d rather not talk or video chat themselves. In addition, users can call their friends for voice or video chats, and leave them audio notes if they don’t answer the call.

New SurprzMe Photo Sharing App

SurprzeMe has announced the launch of its photo sharing app on iOS and Android. The app lets users share hidden photos with their contacts by hiding one photo behind another. The app then reveals a hidden picture, but only when the recipient holds their finger on the screen. When the finger is lifted, the top image comes back into view. With SurprzeMe, users have the ability to share two photos at once, and can they can even import photos from their device or take new pictures within the app. Users can decorate their pictures with text, stickers, memes, and can also add sound effects or song clips to their photos.


Featured Video of the Week

This featured video is about an Uber driver who poses as a normal driver, but instead shows up as Batman in a Batmobile themed Lamborghini. Watch to see his customers' reactions!


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Tyler Shiovitz

Written by Tyler Shiovitz

Tyler is HW's Director of Accounts. He leads all client teams at HW as well as coordinates our internship program, Ecommerce marketing, and our annual Success Summit. He works relentlessly to evaluate which metrics are key to our clients and making sure they're constantly moving in the right direction.