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A Mosquito Free Summer With Breda Pest Management

[fa icon="calendar'] July 31, 2017 / by Luke O'Kelley

HW doesn't brag often, but every year we like to highlight one of our most successful client projects to show what's possible with inbound marketing.

This year we would like to highlight our work on our campaign "A Mosquito Free Summer" with Breda Pest Management in Loganville, GA. This post will detail:

  •  What the situation was
  • How we approached it
  • What the results were
  • Why it mattered

What Was The Situation

Breda Pest Management has been offering mosquito, termite, pest, and wildlife control services to the Metro Atlanta, GA area for the past 44 years. The mosquito control industry has experienced more growth recently than Breda's other segments. Many lawn care companies are getting into the business and using less than effective mosquito control services. 

As spring came to an end Breda was looking for a way to promote their mosquito control services and differentiate themselves as an authority on mosquito control. For years Breda has advocated mosquito control services that are customized to each customer's property and that don't harm the other positive creatures in the yard.

What HW Creative Did

HW came up with the idea of creating a guide entitled How To Keep Mosquitoes Out Of Your Yard. This guide highlights:

  • The reasons why it's important to keep mosquitoes out of your yard
  • Common reasons mosquitoes thrive in a yard
  • How to properly prevent mosquitoes from overtaking your yard
  • How to properly exterminate an existing mosquito population

The guide emphasized nature friendly solutions that wouldn't hurt positive yard inhabitants. To support the ebook, HW wrote 12 blog posts on mosquito control with CTA's at the bottom of them that linked to landing pages where people could download the guide. We then promoted those blogs on social media.


HW also sent out an email to promote the guide to all of Breda's leads and customers that have never purchased mosquito services. 

The Results

The day that we sent out the email to promote Breda's guide, we saw over 100 downloads making How To Keep Mosquitoes Out Of Your Yard This Summer Breda's most downloaded piece of content ever; beating out other guides that had been promoted for months. It was also mostly downloaded by people who had never purchased mosquito services before.

Breda-mosquito-ebook-email.pngBreda's How To Keep Mosquitoes Out Of Your Yard This Summer helped Breda achieve their highest number of monthly visits and highest sitewide conversion rate since implementing HubSpot in January of this year.

Not only did the ebook drive visits and downloads. Four leads that downloaded the ebook had never purchased mosquito control services before and have already gone on to request mosquito control services.

Why It Matters

Through publishing and promoting the ebook How To Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard This Summer and keeping detailed contact lists and analytics reports, HW was able provide value to Breda Pest Managemnt in a few different ways. We were able to prove that we increased overall site visits, converstion rates, and most importantly: close new customers for a recurring service. 

How To Keep Mosquitoes Out of Your Yard This Summer was also able to provide helpful information to Breda's leads that were dealing with mosquitoes in their yard. By continuing to pursue a relationship with these leads, we will be able to provide them with value, and provide Breda with increased revnue down the road. 

We think that's a win win.


Luke O'Kelley

Written by Luke O'Kelley