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How To Use Email Receipts To Increase Shopify Sales

[fa icon="calendar'] December 7, 2016 / by Richard Hamm

You probably send out email receipts to every customer that buys from your online Shopify store. But did you know these receipts can be some of the most powerful tools for marketing, increasing repeat sales and building customer relationships? The internet has changed everything, including receipts. No longer are receipts thrown in the trash or stuffed in a shoebox until tax season. They are now a continuation of your sales efforts.  

The open rate for email receipts ar 3x-4x times higher than typical marketing emails according to a study by Conversio. Even attention spans are higher while reading email receipts according to the same study.

It makes sense then, to leverage these higher open rates and better attention spans for your marketing efforts. Here, we outline some general best practices and methods for increasing sales, growing your brand and delighting your customers with your email receipts.

Focus on clean, mobile friendly design

The most common viewing platform for email receipts is mobile devices. The design of your email receipts should be responsive and clean. Use large pictures, simple backgrounds and simple fonts to ensure it’s readable on mobile devices. Don’t stray too far from your brand’s image, but functionality comes before form if you want to make sales.

Your customers should be able to browse the email while in line at the grocery and quickly click and purchase items easily. Your customers are probably in a world full of distractions, don’t add to it with your email design. Show them what they might find useful and let them make the decision.

Transform your receipts into personal shoppers

A great way to grow sales with your email receipts is to suggest similar items to the customer’s purchase. A clothing shop could share suggestions for awesome accessories. A computer hardware company might suggest electronic installation tools. Shopify can even track purchases to create suggestions for future customers.  

You probably know your products better than your customers. Put that knowledge to use and create best suggested items. Don’t go overboard with the suggestions though. You should be suggesting three to four products, not sharing your entire product catalog. You want to delight with suggestions, not overwhelm with too much information.

Take 10% off to earn 20% more

Retailers have ingrained the idea of coupons into the American consumer. So much so, that even delivering better prices without the coupons can hurt sales. Online shopping is no different. A coupon can quickly turn a considerer into a decider.  44% of email users make purchases based off of promotional emails according to research by Convince and Convert.

Using your email receipts is a great way to ensure your customers will see your latest deals. Sending an exclusive coupon code through receipts is a simple but effective way to make your customer feel like they are getting a special deal.

Let them show off their new toys

You can easily integrate social media into your email receipts for a world of benefits. Social media gives your customers the ability to quickly share and brag about their purchases from your shop. With the push of a button, your customers can let the world know they are proud to have purchased from your store. When they share their experience with your store, don’t be afraid to jump into their social channels and let them know you’re happy that they are happy. The longer they are talking about your store or product, the more of their friends and followers will learn about your brand.

If you follow these simple best practices and tips, your email receipts are sure to become a powerful tool for your sales efforts.

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Richard Hamm

Written by Richard Hamm