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How To Set Up A Pillar Page In HubSpot

[fa icon="calendar'] September 26, 2017 / by Eric Daniel

HubSpot recently created a tool called Content Strategy – one of the best ways to begin organizing your site's content for the future. Part of this new strategy involves a Pillar Page – a resource that covers all aspects of a topic you're trying to rank for in search results pages rather than tens or hundreds of different keywords. 

If you aren't familiar with Pillar Content, check out our resource on the subject. If you are familiar, continue on! We'll show you how to set one up.

Right now, there are plenty of examples of companies that have Pillar Content, but a dearth of plug and play templates specifically made for Pillar Pages. After a lot of digging, we finally found a few templates on HubSpot's Marketplace

picture of existing pillar page templates

On our Pillar Page, we've chosen the Ridge Pillar Page template you see in the bottom right. We thought this template worked best because it has a header that isn't distracting, plenty of white space, internal page links to different 'chapters' in the page's content, and clear division between different sections.

Installing one of these themes is fairly simple, but still requires you to do a fair bit of customizing to be able to call it your own. 

Setting Up

  1. Navigate to this page
  2. Click on the template you want to install
  3. Click Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 10.54.08 PM.png. You'll be taken to a page where the templates you've downloaded are saved.
  4. Under the template you just downloaded, click Actions > Create a new landing page from this templateScreen Shot 2017-09-25 at 11.07.27 PM.png
  5. Name you landing page and navigate to Content > Strategy
  6. With your Pillar Page selected, select attach other content and choose the landing page you just created.
  7. Viola! You now have your own Pillar Page. Add in your compaby logos and colors, format your content, and you're ready to go!
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Eric Daniel

Written by Eric Daniel