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How Pillar Pages Create Leads

[fa icon="calendar'] September 26, 2017 / by Eric Daniel

We're on the cusp of an entirely new methodology for content marketing: Pillar Pages. You can think of these pages as long form content about a specific topic backed by a healthy array of subtopics (short blogs). All the subtopics are linked to the Pillar Page and vice versa by the same keyword.

We recommend checking out this resource on Pillar Pages before continuing if you aren't familiar.

We've got some great news for you and some news that requires some thinking.

The great news: We know where the future of search is heading, and a handful of people (like us) are here to spread the word.

The other news: in terms of converting leads with this kind of content, it's still the wild west. HubSpot, a leading purveyor of this methodology has a wealth of resources dedicated to content creation and organization, but hasn't quite nailed down the conversion path. No one really has.

As inbound marketers we're used to writing blogs based on keywords and including a CTA behind a form. Google's algorithm changes have necessitated an ungating of these content offers and now we're stuck wondering how to get a user's contact information.

The current consensus is to have Pillar Pages in a downloadable form. This works for the user that thinks "hmm, this is helpful, and I'm going to download it to glance at later", but not so well for the user ready for a solution.

We recommend including a simple form at the bottom of your Pillar Page that includes the opportunity for a 30 minute chat about the subject. Because the reader has just read your resource that some would consider a content offer, they're going to be leads from lower down in the funnel than traditional inbound leads. A quick chat shows you're knowledgeable and gives room for skeptics and interested parties alike a chance to ask questions.

Now you might be asking, "what kind of CTA am I supposed to put on the blogs?"

Great question! Two things to think about here:

1. You're linking back to the Pillar Page to drive leads to your most authoritative resource.

2. These shaorter blogs have pretty specific information, and can raise a lot of questions.

Questions are great. You have another opportunity to add a form to the bottom of the page for asking questions about the future of search. On our Pillar Page, we used this type of form, but on individual subtopics, we included a short downloadable item that's a checklist for creating Pillar content. Your content will likely be about a completely different topic, but you don't need a ton of effort to make a useful bite-sized downloadbale item that brings in leads.

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Eric Daniel

Written by Eric Daniel