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Everything You Should Know About HubSpot's Sales Pro Overhaul

[fa icon="calendar'] September 27, 2017 / by Eric Daniel

Managing your sales activities is about to get much easier thanks to major enhancements to HubSpot's Sales Professional Tier that debuted at INBOUND 2017. Whether you’re a current user or are just interested in exploring the new capabilities of Sales Pro, we’ve got the latest scoop.

The first major change is tiered packaging that offers businesses a choice based on their needs. A startup with two full-time partners wants different functionalities than an established firm with six inside sales reps. If you’re a small, growing company, Sales Starter provides access to familiar features of HubSpot Professional such as the Core CRM, Send Later for prescheduled emailing, and unlimited templates, sequences, documents, meetings, notifications, and live chat. This bundle includes 500 monthly minutes of call time. You’ll also get the ability to create one team and two deal pipelines – just what you need to leverage your potential for rapid growth at an affordable price point.

Mature firms looking to scale their success will be interested in Sales Professional. It comes with all the standard capabilities of Sales Starter along with some important enhancements. For instance, Sales Pro subscribers will get 2,000 minutes of calling and the ability to create multiple teams and deal pipelines. Newer features include the following:

Workflows: You’ll now be able to automate tasks and deals using workflow programming designed especially for sales teams. (Note: HubSpot reports that bulk emailing won’t be included in Sales Professional, and Workflows can’t be integrated with lead nurturing and drip campaigns).

Reporting: Sales Professional users will have a reporting dashboard and the ability to create unlimited custom reports.

Predictive Lead Scoring (PLS) and Notifications: Using a proprietary algorithm configured specifically for small sales teams, you’ll be able to prioritize contacts and focus on your most promising clients. You’ll get notifications based on these rankings rather than recency of contacts, so you’ll know to return that executive’s call from yesterday before chatting with your wireless provider about an upgrade.

Products: Ever have trouble inventorying which products you sold in the deals you closed? You won’t any more. The newest Object in Sales Pro allows you to associate products with deals, improving product-specific data.

SFDC Connector: The latest edition of Sales Professional gives access to the SFDC Connector, so you’ll be able to integrate your Sales Hub with Salesforce.

If all this sounds promising, now is the time to take advantage of special promotional discounting. Until November 1, you can purchase Sales Professional subscriptions as $50 a seat; the price rises to $400 for five seats after that date. If you’re a current subscriber, you can lock in those savings at that “grandfathered” rate by renewing. Sales Starter subscriptions will be available at $50/month starting November 1. HubSpot will be progressively rolling out these new features, so existing and new customers who purchase before November will be able to start working with them as they become available.

If you're pumped about this product announcement and want to hear more, come check out our Pillar Page and takeaways from HubSpot's Inbound 2017 conference.


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Eric Daniel

Written by Eric Daniel