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Everything To Know About HubSpot Conversations And HubSpot Success

[fa icon="calendar'] September 27, 2017 / by Eric Daniel

What’s the most important component of your growth strategy? Innovative products? Better branding and marketing? Cutting-edge tactics in business development and sales? We're right in the middle of the Inbound 17 conference and HubSpot has just launched two new tools that help with better customer communication and retention.

Increasingly, firms are recognizing that client success deserves a central place in any answer to this question. Satisfied customers become steady customers. In the financial services industry, Bain and Company found increasing customer retention by even 5% correlated with rises in profit exceeding 25%. They market for you by referring friends and family – an invaluable service, since a Nielsen study showed 83% of consumers worldwide trusted personal recommendations more than advertising pitches. Happy customers will forgive you when you make mistakes. So investing in relationships with your clients isn’t just good customer care. It pays dividends.

But promoting client success in today’s business climate will take a new playbook – and a new toolkit. Your customers have power, and they’re aware of it. They’re better informed than ever before. They know what they need. They want you to understand them on their own terms and connect using whatever media they choose. They expect you to address them like human beings, not transactions. After all, they have other companies competing for their business.

Conversations and Success are designed to help your team delight and retain customers. HubSpot introduced both tools at INBOUND 2017, and plans to debut them in beta by the end of the year. Although they’re still in development, the current plan is to include basic versions of both Conversations and Success in HubSpot programs and offer certain premium features as paid add-ons.

HubSpot Conversations puts all your client-facing team members on the same page with a shared, collaborative inbox. When you have multiple teams engaging in one-to-one interactions with the same client over various media, inefficiencies and miscommunications multiply. This problem will only intensify as chat continues to mature as customers’ preferred means to get prompt solutions. By organizing all these personal conversations in a single platform, you’ll be able to give your clients the seamless experience they expect, no matter how many departmental silos or media they use.

HubSpot built Success to help customer success departments navigate the changing landscape of client relationships. Understanding and meeting your clients’ needs will take more effort than just answering the phone and filling out service tickets. Success will enable you to rate client loyalty, diagnose customer service problems, and even manage referral marketing using NPS and forecasting tools.

Paying attention to your customers will be imperative to future growth. Conversations and Success should help you meet their expectations and ensure their success – and yours, too.

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Eric Daniel

Written by Eric Daniel