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[fa icon="calendar'] May 7, 2014 / by Ben Carter

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If you’re a business owner, you probably already know that all customer interactions are important. Every time a customer service opportunity is botched or ignored, a sale is lost. Every time you fail to follow up with a new lead, a potential customer takes their business elsewhere. Whenever you forget the details of your past conversations with a customer, a bad impression is made. Customer relationship management systems (CRMs) help business to ensure that these incidents never occur. Our latest App of the Week, Batchbook, is a leading CRM that could become very valuable to your company.

In just a short period of time, Batchbook has become a great asset to the HW team. We offer quite a few services and our projects vary greatly from one client to the next. Some clients need a one-time web design; others prefer a long-term marketing plan. With many different tasks going on simultaneously, it can be difficult to process the unique needs of each individual client. With Batchbook, however, things become much more simple. All of our client interactions can be found in a single place, and all data is sortable by business name or by contact name. Standard and custom fields allow us to track any piece of information that we deem relevant – phone numbers, emails, addresses, and even birthdays. We can track all of our leads and schedule follow-up as needed. No piece of information is lost!

Batchbook’s many capabilities can be difficult to capture in a single blog post, but lucky for us, Batchbook has a great video tour that sums things up. Take a look at this guide from Batchbook CEO Pamela O’Hara and familiarize yourself with this great service.

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Why use Batchbook, you ask? With all of the time that you will save on follow-up and all the new leads that you will convert into customers, the service essentially pays for itself. You’ll never forget what your clients need, what deals you’ve offered, or what additional efforts are required. If you want to track your customer’s Facebook feed or even their child’s birthday, it’s all possible with Batchbook. Get to know your customers and they’ll keep bringing you new business!

Don’t believe it? Get your free trial today.

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Ben Carter

Written by Ben Carter