7 Surprising and Useful Social Media Facts

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For quite a few years now, marketers have scrambled to find newer and better ways to employ social media as a marketing tool. With a seemingly endless lineup of social networks, it can be difficult to decide which sites are worth your valuable time and effort. How do you allocate your resources? Stay on top of your game and continually brush up on new trends. Check out these ten interesting social facts and see how they apply to your particular market.

1. Social Media is for All Ages

Believe it or not, many people are still under the impression that social media is just for millennials. The reality is that older generations are making a substantial impact of their own. In fact, the fastest growing age bracket on Twitter is the 55-64 age group. Similarly, users ages 45-54 make up Facebook’s fastest growing demographic. When you make your social strategy, don’t forget that all ages are online!

2. Mobile is the New Trend

The amount of social media users that access their accounts via mobile devices is staggering. Out of 1.23 billion Facebook members, 189 million of them are mobile-only users. That’s over 15% of users, and this number is only going to grow. Mobile-only Facebook users grew 46% just last year! The mobile phenomenon is even greater on Twitter. Of 200 million active Twitter users, 60% log in with their mobile device at least once a month. How can you utilize these facts? When posting on social media, consider using mobile-friendly links and images.

3. LinkedIn is a Bonafide Powerhouse

Most professionals know about using LinkedIn to connect as individuals, but many don’t consider it a viable option for promoting a business. While LinkedIn may lack the sheer number of users that other social media titans possess, it is growing at an impressive rate. Currently, LinkedIn is adding two members per second. If your company offers business-to-business services or is scouting out new talent, LinkedIn is an incredible resource.

4. Blogs Build Trust

Blogging is often forgotten when thinking about social media, but it is actually quite important for businesses. In fact, 61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that produces online content. These same customers also claimed that they would be more likely to purchase from such companies. Blogs strengthen the bonds between businesses and individuals, so get to writing!

5. YouTube Tops Television

For the majority of US adults ages 18-34, this is the surprising truth. Recent studies have shown that YouTube reaches more individuals in this age bracket than any cable network. Video content is incredibly engaging, and YouTube attracts huge numbers of search engine hits. Consider tapping YouTube’s potential with creative content of your own!

6. Pinterest is No Passing Fad

With a meager 20 million active users, Pinterest is nowhere near the size of some social media giants. Nevertheless, it is a powerful tool. In 2013, Pinterest users were twice as likely to click on pictures and links compared to users of Facebook or Twitter. While Pinterest definitely possesses a trendy niche market, it’s an option that many business should consider.

7. Searchers Love Social

The phone book is no longer the premier source for finding businesses. These days, online search is king. In fact, one recent study found that 97% of all consumers search for local businesses online. Furthermore, 78% of small businesses get at least a quarter of their new customers via social media. If you want to harness the power of search for your business, put your name out there as much as possible by utilizing any relevant social media site.

Don’t believe all the hype? Like it or not, social media is here to stay. Over 90% of marketers now use social media to promote their businesses, so don’t get left behind the pack! Keep a close watch on any emerging social trends, cater to your personal target market, and embrace the positive results.

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